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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 2d.

2 April 1862

Friday 4th

4 April 1862
3 April 1862
Thursday 3d.



A summer’s day. I finished my week’s despatches early in order to be able to go into the city, and transact the business of my private accounts with the house of the Barings. The sun was really so warm as to make the shady side of the street the most pleasant. Mr Fitzgerald has at last sent me Word that he will let me stay here until February next provided I will pay enough rent to defray the expense of taking a house for the season. Although the house suits me I cannot look forward to another period of house-hunting within so short a period with any composure. And as Mr Sturgis is determined to part with his house at any rate, and he offers it to me at a reasonable rate I conclude to close with his terms. The walk consumed the usual time. I dined with Mrs Adams and Henry with Mr and Mrs Sturgis. The company consisted of Mr and Mrs Vernon, Mr and Mrs Baring, Mr and Mrs Mildmay, Mr and Mrs Ashley and Mr Munchton Milnes. An elegant entertainment. We went from here to visit Mrs Mansfield. A small reception in which as happened before I did not know a single person. Sir John Milbank who married her daughter was the only one with whom I made acquaintance. Home by midnight.

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