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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 3d.

3 April 1862

Saturday 5th

5 April 1862
4 April 1862
Friday 4th



The amount of labour for the Department was less than usual, as the topics for discussion diminish. Yet I was occupied in making up the quarterly account of my salary, and in writing private letters so that the hour of the mail bag came soon enough. I then wrote a note to Mr Sturgis accepting his offer for the 25th of the mouth, the day my lease is terminated. Likewise I laboured to dispose of a great deal of miscellaneous matter which has been gathering for some time. The most fruitful source of my late correspondence has been the applications for the benefice of Mr Peabody The Consuls have become comparatively quiet. The children dined out—so that we were left quite alone. I read more of the Contemporaine which is becoming dull again.

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