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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 16th

16 April 1862

Friday 18th

18 April 1862
17 April 1862
Thursday 17th

I had this morning to breakfast Mr Anderson, Messr Waler of the News and Mr Lucas of the Star, with Mr Moran of my Legation. The obj intent was to lay before them the objects Mr Anderson was seeking, and to obtain their views of the expediency of pursuing them. This led to much conversation upon the present state of opinion in England. It was very evident that the gentlemen considered it as so favorable that the wisest way would be for an American not to stir up dissent. I am clearly of that opinion. Our cannon are our most persuasive orators. But it is a disappointment to a gentleman to come out here only to make such a discovery. So we agreed to put off action until the until the return of parliament when we might confer with some friendly members. After they left I was busily engaged in writing to my sons until the hour for closing the bag. Dined with Mr and Mrs Sturgis. Mr Anderson was there, Mr Critchley and his niece and Colonel Hawley. We had a lively dinner, and did not return until eleven o’clock. The house is nearly ready for our removal.

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