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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 17th

17 April 1862

Saturday 19th

19 April 1862
18 April 1862
Friday 18th

This is good Friday of the Church, and is observed here just like Sunday by most people, and with fasting and prayer by some. I remained at home very quietly, and occupied myself by bringing up the arrears of my Diary caused by my trip to Paris I had but two person to visit me, Mr Parkes who got upon his hobby of Junius, and then gave me incidentally curious information respecting the condition of the public papers here. There seems to be not much more system than at Washington. He say she has seen many of the military reports of the revolutionary war, which dwell much upon the deficiency of supplies. This is a good close to the success obtained by us. Mr W H Clark came also and talked pleasantly of public and private matters for nearly an hour I then took a walk, which in all respects showed the phenomena of Sunday. Very large numbers notwithstanding make it a day of amusement. They are especially drawn out of town, and to the Crystal palace at Sydenham. Evening after a solitary dinner I amused myself with the Contemporaine. Finished her seventh Volume79

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