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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 21st

21 April 1862

Wednesday 23d.

23 April 1862
22 April 1862
Tuesday 22d.

A fine day. But I do not know that I have passed a more uncomfortable one for months back. The anxiety about the case of this vessel, and the general uneasiness about the struggle which is now in its crisis, taken together with the pending removal of ourselves, all contributed to depress my spirits. I spent much of the morning in reading Hautefeuille on neutral rights. The consul at Liverpool has sent me depositions which admit the cowardice of fifteen men yielding to two and omit the imporant points of the evidence to be sought. A walk in the evening. Mr Rawle dined here, and the bag brought despatches and letters which kept us interested until bedtime.

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