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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 22d.

22 April 1862

Thursday 24th

24 April 1862
23 April 1862
Wednesday 23d.



The American newspapers took a large part of the morning. They did not contribute to relieve me entirely from the depression of yesterday, though it was less. We had today still later news, but it did not materially add to the substance The absence of official information of the battle near Corinth is not a favorable circumstance, through the fact of the retreat of the enemy and the death of the Officer in command is confirmed. The struggle at Yorktown is now likewise drawing attention. I was delayed in making up the case of the Emily St Pierre, by the delay of the Consul in forwarding the further information sought for. The visitors are beginning to multiply again as the five seas are approaches, and the exhibition is impending. Mrs Adams and I dined by invitation with Mr and Mrs Arthur Kinnaird I knew but few of the company. Mr and Mrs Lampson, Sir Charles and Lady Trevelyan, Mr and Mrs Harry and a Mr Burgess out of a company of eighteen. After dinner there was company as usual here. Mrs Harry sang and I listened to a pretty harsh voice pretty well trained. Home at eleven.

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