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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 23d.

23 April 1862

Friday 25th

25 April 1862
24 April 1862
Thursday 24th



We have been gradually in process of removal for two days, but the positive transfer did not take place until today. I seized what leisure there was to base upon the information obtained from the consul at Liverpool this morning a demand for83 the restoration of the Emily St Pierre. The law of the case appears to me quite incontestable. After Office hours I took my leave of No 5 Mansfield Street. We have been there nine months of a very anxious period. The aspect of my room was somewhat cheerless, but this objection was compensated by the convenience of all the arrangement. I regret being obliged to go, and yet I should not cave to stay. My life does not appear to me more attractive as I proceed. And I being to look forward to the probable and of the term with a sense of relief. Every thing was in confusion in both houses, but we assigned the several rooms and began to accommodate ourselves to our new condition as well as we could. We had some more American newspapers today which carried more interest in the expectation than in the reading.

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