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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 27th

27 April 1862

Tuesday 29th

29 April 1862
28 April 1862
Monday 28th

The day positively too warm for the season. There was American news several days later, but nothing decisive. The accounts of the great action are contradictory though on the whole the not effecting any object is to the confederates equivalent to defeat. I took a walk into the strand to see a collection of coins for sale on Wednesday. After examining them I entered into one or two book shops and watered time in looking over their collections. Towards evening Mrs Adams and I went by invitation to the dinner given by the Lord Mayor to the Duke of Cambridge and the Commissioners for the Exhibition. We were belated, and the company were seated. About three hundred guests. The hall in the Mansion House very handsome and the entertainment sumptuous. I found myself next to Viscount Castlerosse, and opposite to Sir Roderick Murchison, The Usual ceremonies, music and toasts, with speeches from the Duke of Cambridge, Earl Grenville and Mr Gladstone. M Musuries, the Turkish Envoy responded in French for the corps. An old English gentleman whom I did not know, and who sat on the other side of the table remarked that he had hoped to hear me, and he was disappointed. I was glad to be relieved from the task. Indeed I should have absented myself rather than undergo it. We departed by eleven.

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