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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 28th

28 April 1862

Wednesday 30th

30 April 1862
29 April 1862
Tuesday 29th

The mail from home arrived and occupied us as usual most of the morning. The inference I draw from the news its the steady increase of pressure which nothing but foreign intervention can now save from becoming irresistible. The fog is not yet cleared up from Corinth. My private accounts are good. My estate is gradually righting itself from the fury of last year’s squall. I had one or two visits, and went over to make an enquiry of M Van de Weyer about the approaching Exhibition. The management as it respects the Corps Diplomatique has been wanting both in courtesy and clearness. Walk with my daughter. The day was remarkable as being cloudless, a thing not often seen here. In the evening I began Mr Motleys account of the United Netherlands. Anniversary of my son’s Wedding.86

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