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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 29th

29 April 1862

Thursday May 1st

1 May 1862
30 April 1862
Wednesday 30th

A fine day quite like summer. I walked into the city to call at Mr Baring’s, and get some money. I varied my road and got into a region that was new to me. It made the circuit a little greater but I was not troubled on that account. I came at last to the city road, thence to Finsbury Square and the city wall to Bishopgate Street. I found Mr Bates, who showed me a very good article sent by Mr Dixwell from America to shew our resources. I advised him to have it printed, which he said he would do. On my way home I stopped at the rooms of Messrs Sothely and Wilkinson where there was a sale of coins. The company was not large, and consisted mainly of the dealers who attended the last. The collection not nearly so good, especially in English gold. I purchased only one article, and acquired more experience of prices. Home at five o’clock. We dined by invitation with Sir William Clay. A large company very few of whom I know, and it was a little dull. Some members of Parliament. Mr Bruce, Mr Hutt, and others. After dinner there were many others. I saw next to Mrs Lew. Mr Lew was likewise there.

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