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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 11th

11 May 1862

Tuesday 13th

13 May 1862
12 May 1862
Monday 12th



The account of the capture of New Orleans are received here in a way fully to show the disappointment of cherished hopes. The unfriendly presses doubt the truth of the story and depreciate its character if true. I was busy in preparing a note in reply to Lord Russell who has been a little sharper of late than common. As this war approaches its termination it becomes more and more important to complete the record of our transactions here. The responsibility is not trifling—but very fortunately I have th best side to maintain on the merits against forms. I went out with Mrs Adams returning visits to various persons. Also the gallery of the Royal Academy. It is possible on reflection that this visit may have here made on Saturday. The bag came today but brought no late letters. The Government has ordered it sent to the Washington which makes a difference of four or five days in the transmission. In the evening Mrs Adams had her reception, which was more fully attended than before. Mess Cobden, Forster and Munchton Milnes of the House of Commons. Almost all of them entertained a rather lingering distrust of the American news. I reminded two of them of my prediction, which they at once acknowledged. They remained until near midnight.

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