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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 12th

12 May 1862

Wednesday 14th

14 May 1862
13 May 1862
Tuesday 13th

This day completes the year since I came to London. It has been a memorable one in the history of my country and a very anxious one to me. Possibly I may have been a same use in this position, but time must yet show how much. In other respects, I feel little more domesticated than when I first arrived. The English are not inhospitable but they are not attractive. A man might pass his life among them and know them as little the last day as the first. I had a succession of visits from Americans who are coming in numbers again. Governor Randall of Wisconsin came. He is on his way to Rome where he is appointed minister. Also the Catholic Bishop of Boston, Mr Fitzpatrick, and there other clergy or laity of his faith on their way to Rome. All seemed hearty in the cause of the country, and rejoiced at the intelligence which they brought with them. But all comment upon the tone and temper of the people here. We had to dinner Mr and Mrs 101 Hooker, Governor Randall and Mr Charles Anderson, who is getting a little discouraged and talks of going home.

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