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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 23d.

23 May 1862

Sunday 25th

25 May 1862
24 May 1862
Saturday 24th.



My customary day of vacation passed in receiving and paying visits. Among those who came here were Dr Miles and another gentleman whose name I could not catch, and Mr Samuel Bales of Springfield and his brother. I was surprised to see the latter, but he told me that he had become overworked and was threatened in the brain, so he was seeking relief in travel. Shortly after two o’clock I went out with Mrs Adams, and paid109 visits to Judge Thompson, Mr Johnson, Mr Beckwith, Mr Spencer Walpole, and then we stopped at Woodgate’s shop, and examined his extraordinary collection of luxuries. It is on the whole the most astonishing thing I have met with of the kind. I should think it involved a capital of half a million sterling. And scarcely a thing there that can be reckoned a necessity of life. This is a better illustration of the wealth of this country than any private house. For no man could keep such an establishment unless there were a large number of constant purchases. We got home in season for my walk around the Regent’s park. I felt rather unwell all day. We had Mr and Mrs Bigelow to dine and Mr Sohier. They stayed until quite late.

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