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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 24th.

24 May 1862

Monday 26.th

26 May 1862
25 May 1862
Sunday 25th

A fine day. Attended the Chapel in Portland Street, where Mr Martineau preached the third Lecture of the series, on the Act of Uniformity. It was much in his style and difficult to follow—a review of the growth and progress of dissent, and the effect of constraint upon its present shape. The attendance was very large. Mr Sohier came to luncheon and also dined with us. In the interval we took a walk to the zoological gardens and spent a couple of hours in visiting the different animals. On my return home I read a sermon of Dr Walker on the inward manifestation of Christ, or in other words the facility that his doctrine possesses in adapting itself to the moral necessities of each individual. I like the plain but simple and direct course of though in these discourses.

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