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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 26.th

26 May 1862

Wednesday 28th

28 May 1862
27 May 1862
Tuesday 27th



My note to Lord Russell is long. I finished the rough draught of it today and gave it to my son to copy out fair so that I might revise it before putting into its final shape. I am dubious of the reception it will meet with here. The style is sharp though courteous, and the point are slightly irritating. I shall not carry the correspondence farther on my side, in case the reply should be aggression without instructions. There are fewer letters from America this week than usual. None at all from John. I felt very poorly all day, but took my walk as usual around the park. Bishop McIlvaine breakfasted with us and had some conversation in regard to our affairs. Mrs Adams, Henry and I dined with Mr and Mrs Morgan.111 The company, so far as I knew them consisted of Mr and Mrs Moffat Mr Archibald and his Wife, the British consul at New York, Mr and Mrs McCullogh, and three or four more unknown. Mr Morgan said something to me about a place in the country for a few months. I should like it very well.

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