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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 27th

27 May 1862

Thursday 29th

29 May 1862
28 May 1862
Wednesday 28th



Dull pain in my head and general discomfort all day. My son finished a fair copy, and on reading it over I found much less than I expected to correct. With a very few modifications I gave it into the hands of Mr Moran to prepare the official copy. Bishop McIlvaine breakfasted here again this morning. And I had some Americans to visit me I also walked down to the city to see Mr Bates and to get some money. It rained a little on the way. It always takes me three hours to go and return. At five I went with my daughter to the show of the Botanic Society. A very large attendance, and a beautiful display ob breaths, Azaleas, Rhododendron and Roses. It was not materially different from that of last year. Had the sky been clear, the scene would have been brilliant. The spot is pretty laid out. In the balance of compensations the vividness of the verdure must be set off against dinner at Sir William Martin’s. The company consisted of persons of whom I knew little. Mr and Mrs Hutt, Lord and Lady Gorb and Miss Vereker, Lord Robert Montague, Mr Butler and Sir Emerson, Lady and Miss Tennent were all I discovered. The dinner was very dull, and long. Sir William is prosy, and kept us longer than usual after the ladies retired. We left at eleven in order to attend the reception of the Countess of Derby. As I had omitted by accident to attend them last year, I thought it essential to go at this first opportunity. We were rather late, and found the rooms thinned. Not may acquaintances. I was presented to Princess Mary of Cambridge, which should have been done long ago. Thence we went to a reception at the Speaker’s. A prodigious crowd among whom I found a good many acquaintances. Luckily the spacious and elegant rooms are equal to the accumulation of any number. Slow in getting away, so that it half past one o’clock when we got home.112

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