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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 28th

28 May 1862

Friday 30th

30 May 1862
29 May 1862
Thursday 29th



This sort of life affect my eyes very seriously. I find I must give up reading fine point, or even any point in the evening. My Despatch were rather short today, as much time was necessary for the secretaries to complete copies of my letter to Lord Russell, the original of which was sent today. In the evening Henry accompanied me to a reception at Mrs Henry Reeveā€™s. About eighty people, of whom I knew perhaps a dozen. Among the number, Mr Browning, Mr and Miss Senior, and Mr and Mrs Story who have just arrived from Rome. With them I had more conversation than ordinarily takes place on such reasons; mainly however upon American politics. They are earnest and devoted Americans. On my return home a telegram came announcing a repulse of the gunboats at Richmond, the first check we have had for a long time. Also the possession of Pensacola, and a proclamation of the President annulling the declaration of General Hunter, but with a significant intimation as to the future.

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