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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 29th

29 May 1862

Saturday 31st

31 May 1862
30 May 1862
Friday 30th

Rain. At home preparing my private letters for the mail, which as usual consumed the day. A visit from Mr Story who took luncheon with us. Some conversation about Sumner and his present position, as also about Mr Seward; likewise about opinion in England. He comes here to look after two Statues of his in the Exhibition which have very much added to his reputation as an artist. Evening, at a small musical party at Mrs Bentzons. A piano forte, violoncello and violin executed several fine pieces. Two or three songs, and a couple of Piano solos by artists. The last the most to my taste. I knew very few of the company. Mr Bentzons taste. I know very few of the company. Mr Bentzons taste is very fine and his library is all that expense can make it. Some very beautiful photographs of Rome and Florence interested me greatly. The company was mostly of strangers to me. We did not get home until one o’clock.

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