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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 8th

8 May 1862

Tuesday 10th

10 May 1862
9 May 1862
Monday 9th



Up rather early to be off by the quick train. The newspaper brought us the American news which confirms the telegram but diminishes the apprehensions created by the reverse. General Banks succeeded in making his retreat and crossing the river without serious disaster. His force seems to have been small, the greater part of it taken off to reinforce General Mr Duvell, The incident in itself is not very serious, but I am afraid it betokens an absence of unity in counsel which may lead to worse consequences. We got back to London without accident, my whole trip having been spoiled by this apprehension of worse runs than actually come. Soon after my return I want to the fifth day of the coin sale. The same little company. I made a few purchases and gained some practical knowledge in this very remarkable collection. Home at six. Mr Charles Hale dined with us, and in the evening Mrs Adams had her usual reception, which was well attended.121

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