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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 9th

9 May 1862

Wednesday 11th

11 May 1862
10 May 1862
Tuesday 10th



Walked down to the City in order to see the bankers, and likewise to obtain my watch, which has been long at the maker’s. The walk occupies all of three hours and is tolerably fatiguing. But I find my eyesight giving way so seriously now that it is perhaps better for me to be in the air than reading. I despatched some arrears which unmarried over from Friday. Quiet dinner and evening at home. Mr Morse came in and spent an hour. He thinks the outfit to break the blockade are going on as vigorously as ever, in spite of all obstacles. The amount of funds the rebels must have had at command here is surprising. Mrs Adams and I have been at home alone since yesterday, as Henry went to Rowfant for Mary whom we left there.

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