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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 10th

10 May 1862

Thursday 12th

12 May 1862
11 May 1862
Wednesday 11th

The news from America today changes the aspect of affairs once more and shows are cause advancing in every direction. The rebels have been driven out of Corinth and Banks has recovered nearly all his ground. In the mean time McLellan is finishing the complications for the force at Richmond. Nothing but a fortunate accident can now prevent a speedy conclusion of the struggle. It will be well to have it so, for the indications of a disposition to interfere grow more and more significant. My morning was spent in writing a long answer to my friend R H Dana Jr and other letters, after which I went out and returned visits. The children came back from Rowfant bringing them Miss Lampson to remain with us a few days. In the evening Mrs Adams and I went to a circuit at Lady Goldsmid’s in the Regent’s park. A very magnificent place, at which there was a large company, many of whom I knew. A display of wealth and luxury. The concert was very good and the supper as fine as many could make it. Home before it broke up, but yet it was near one o’clock.

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