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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday July 1st

1 July 1862

Thursday 3d.

3 July 1862
2 July 1862
Wednesday 2d.



The weather continues so uncertain that there is much uneasiness about the crops. The opinion is now settled that at best they will not prove an average. This is not cheerful intelligence for persons likely to be in a state of distress, and who must be relieved at the public cost. There were several visitors, and some news from America142 correcting the exaggerated rumor of last week. Yet there is no change before Richmond where lies the stress. I was busy in making up my quarterly accounts, and my own private ones, so that I did not go out before dinner. In the evening I went with my son Henry to a reception at Sir Emerson Tennent’s. Quite a large number, among whom I knew a number. Thence I went to Baron Brunnow’s which was likewise crowded, but with a company largely composed of females whom I did not know. And I find moreover that I do not make much progress. with time. The whole of society here is formal and empty. The people follow it solely because they must remain within the charmed circle, and keep their children there. I who already find half my course and perhaps more completed begin already to feel indifferent to it. Heartily did I concur with Baron de Cetto, the Bavarian Minister, in his congratulation of me that were near the end of this season.

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