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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 2d.

2 July 1862

Friday 4th

4 July 1862
3 July 1862
Thursday 3d.

Heavy rain most of the day. Having received no despatches this week I drew up but one paper containing the substance of my conversation with Mr Cobden. The more I reflect upon it, the more I see in this movement suggestions from some of the British ministers and M Chevalier. I am yet by no means easy in regard to the future action of these governments in case any thing unfavorable should happen to McLellan. To day we received a brief telegram which has filled me with private uneasiness. It mentions a very severe action at Charleston on the 16th of last month. The probability is that Charles must have joined his regiment in the interval, so that we can know nothing of his fate for some time. I fear this is to be our condition for some time, as the war appears to be drawing into the summer. This is the worst trial of all to bear. The anxieties of my own situation are sufficient. But my son determined otherwise and I must study resignation to the Divine decree be it what it may. I drive in the carriage to the Barings to make my Quarterly arrangements, and I talked with Mr Bates in regard to a disposal to be made of some of my friends which I expect from America. The loss is so143 heavy in the exchange that I must attempt to compensate for it at least in part here. Mrs Adams was still quite unwell. We had a quiet evening at home. After next week I hope we may look for freedom from social obligation.

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