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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 25th

25 July 1862

Sunday 27th

27 July 1862
26 July 1862
Saturday 26th

I determined to take advantage of this my leisure day, by paying a visit to the Bridgewater gallery of pictures now belonging to the Earl of Ellesmere. It is open to the public two days in the week, and I obtained a card to admit all the family. They all went but Henry who was proposing to gout of turn to look after a house. I spent nearly four hours in examining the collection. The pictures that pleased me the most were three of Raphael, one of Titian, one of Guido, one of Rembrandt, one of Cuyp, one of Claude, one of Gerard Dow, and one of Mierés. The reasons for this preference I cannot give here at large. Perhaps on a review of the collection I should make some difference. As the opportunity is given for more close study some pictures rise and others fall in estimation. I knew nothing in my residence here which has been so unalloyed enjoyment as the opportunity to examine these fine works of art. Walked home. They day very warm, and I walked home. Towards evening he bag arrived and I was absorbed in the news. Mr Seward is brave as usual, but the intelligence is not promising. Mrs Adams and I to a small party at Mrs Rohan’s.161

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