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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 27th

27 July 1862

Tuesday 29th

29 July 1862
28 July 1862
Monday 28th



The weather is now charming. I had a visit from Sidney Brooks and a Scotch gentleman who called as a matter of civility. At one I went accompanied by my son Brooks to the Station of the North Western railroad, where I took the train to Watford. Here we stopped and walked about three miles and half to Abbots Langley, where is a place called Cecil Lodge which I wished to look at for the purpose of occupation for a part of the season. The country is very pretty about here and strictly rural. The place is highly desirable, and had I but one I scarcely should hesitate about taking it. As it is I am only deterred by consideration of price. After looking it throughly over we returned by way of the Station at King’s Langley, about a mile and a half. The place was formerly the Marquis of Salisbury’s, and hence its name. It now belongs to the Misses Muse, who have been unfortunate in loss of property, and hence cannot afford to keep up the house. We were delayed one hour at the Station waiting for the train so tat we got home after the dinner hour. Mr and Mrs Turner Sargent and Sidney and Mr Brooks dined with us, after which we had the last of the evening receptions. The attendance was good though not as large as at the previous ones. Perhaps forty persons. I am glad that they are over. They have on the whole been for more successful and popular than I had anticipated. The season is now closing quite rapidly, and vastly to my relief. I begin to the feel the necessity of a little change, and of some respite from the pressure of this anxious town life.162

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