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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 30th

30 July 1862

Friday. August 1st.

1 August 1862
31 July 1862
Thursday 31st

The Official business this week was so heavy that it kept me closely engaged all the morning. I stole an hour to go with Mrs Adams to Thomas’s Hotel and take a parting luncheon with her brother Sidney and the ladies, who started an hour after for Liverpool on their way to the United States. At four o’clock I went to the Foreign Office to see Lord Russell on several matters of business prior to the dispersion next week.163 The most material was the protest against the constant violation of neutrality at Nassau, and the fitting out of the gunboats at Liverpool. As to the last one called No 290, Lord Russell explained the delay in acting upon my representation by saying that Sir John Harding had been suddenly seized with symptoms of the brain in consequence of which other advice was taken. The result was that an opinion was given in favor of the detention of the Vessel, but the order came too late as the steamer had gone. Thus it is that whatever we do, failure is invariable. I expressed nevertheless some satisfaction even with wat had ben done, and hoped that he account received from Nassau of the treatment of the Oreto was true. His Lordship denied a knowledge of it. He then mentioned a correspondence with people at Liverpool who had complained of our blockading the port of Nassau, in which he had told them in substance that they must take the risk of their adventures. He had expected it would be published, but it had not. I said I should be glad to report the fact home. I wanted very much some evidence of a desire to discountenance these outrages proceedings. I then ran over the other matters, which were of no particular interest. On leaving he told me he should be gone next week for the season. From this is would seem as if we had nothing to apprehend in this quarter until the next Session. Home with Mrs Adams. Mr Chase dined with us and took his leave on his way to America. Evening at home. A visit from Mr Lampson.

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