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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 31st

31 July 1862

Saturday 2.d

2 August 1862
1 August 1862
Friday. August 1st.



I worked assiduously drawing up a report of my conference of yesterday, and other Despatches and letters. The labour of this Office does not diminish. As a matter of curiosity I compared today my Despatches during the fourteen months I have been here with those of my predecessor Mr Dallas for the corresponding period. They are in the proportion of four to one. The miscellaneous correspondence is much after the same fashion. At five o’clock I had finished so as to go out and pay one or two visits. The day was quite warm for this meridian.164 I went to dine with the Worshipful company of Fishmongers, by invitation. A company of about two hundred persons, of whom I knew perhaps eight or ten. Mr Gladstone, Mr Hatt, Sir M P Wood, Sir G Sartorius, Sir Rowland Hill and Mr H. A. Hawkey. A handsome hall and a choice banquet. Mr Weston Wood presided in the place of Mr Underwood. Lord Palmerston was expected, but could not come, because Mr Cobden had announced an attack in the House. The usual toasts, songs and speeches. Mr Gladstone made the only effective one. Mr Wood in calling upon me very kindly could not help condoling about American affairs. I had prepared no reply—but I seized the occasion to intimate that we studied the history of the city of London, and remembered the fact that not a very great while ago they were involved in much such a struggle as our present one in defence of the same general principles. What I said was well received, and the disposition shown was all that I could desire. Soon afterwards we retired and I got home thankful for having reached the last dinner of the season.

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