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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 2.d

2 August 1862

Monday 4th

4 August 1862
3 August 1862
Sunday 3d.



Fine day. I attended Divine service with my son Brooks at Marylebrue church in my neighborhood. It is one of the largest in London and the attendance was full. The preacher was earnest and impressive. His topic Jesus the corner stone of the church. No novel or original views, but more than common liberality in tone. Much as there is of bigotry left in the Anglican Church I think I perceive the traces of a broader and more catholic spirit coming in. At two o’clock I went to the Paddington Station and took the train to West Drayton from whence I walked to Hillingdon to see a house which is to be let there. The country is flat, and more ugly than I have seen it elsewhere until we came to Hillingdon which is a pretty country town. The house on the whole inviting though not so much so as Abbot’s Langley. I had but little time to examine it, as I spent a part in going astray towards Uxbridge. I got home to dinner. Mr Lodge dined and spent the evening with us.

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