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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 3d.

3 August 1862

Tuesday 5th

5 August 1862
4 August 1862
Monday 4th



The Steamer brings rather better accounts. The flurry consequent upon the events at Richmond is going over. The guerillas are out of breath, and as a result the rebellion seems to have made no advance from the success achieved there. The only gain is delay and a heavy prolongation of bloodshed. I had arranged for an excursion of the family for a few weeks dating from tomorrow. But Mary has been acting for some days, and today we though it better to see Sir Henry Holland who recommended postponement. My time unaccountably wasted. I called upon the Count de Paris, but did not see him. Also on Mr McKillop who had left town yesterday. My spirits rather depressed, I scarcely could tell why. After dinner I went to the opera at the Haymarket to witness the performance of Mozart’s Nozze de Figaro. I have long wished to hear a full execution of this music. The Orchestra was all I could desire— And the weal part was good. Bu though more complete in the parts, it wanted the enjenement in the acting which fascinated me so with the piece when I saw it but partially done some years since in Boston.166

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