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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 8th

8 August 1862

Sunday 10th

10 August 1862
9 August 1862
Saturday 9th



The day was fine, and we all, that is Mrs Adams, Henry, Mary, Brooks and I started early for our proposed excursion. It is just one year since we did the same, though the direction then was to the East and not to the west. We left the Paddington Station soon after nine, and traveled steadily until we reached Great Malvern at about half past two o’clock. So far as Oxford we had seen the country before, but from that place to Worcester it was new to us. It loses the monotonous flatness and partakes of more diversity of surface and character. But for the most prominent object that attracted an attention was the range of the Malvern hills which seem to stand out as an exceptional feature of the landscape. The houses seem clinging to the side as if for shelter and protection. We established ourselves comfortably at the Abby Hotel, which derives its name from the fact that it stands on the site of the ancient Abby. It now adjoins the Priory, and the old gateway yet remains across the Street to guard its entrance. The view fromm an windows looking eastward is extensive and my very pretty. In the afternoon I went out with the boys, and we ascended to the top of the highest peak of what is called the Worcestershire Beacon. It is not very high, and yet I found the ascent trying. The surface look from the top flatter than it really is and monotonously green. It seems to be much frequented by visitors. Quiet evening.168

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