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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 9th

9 August 1862

Monday 11th

11 August 1862
10 August 1862
Sunday 10th

Mrs Adams and I attended Divine service at the priory, with Brooks. The attendance was very full as there are many persons visiting here.. The church is quite an old one, but it is undergoing the process of restoration so general with religious edifices in all Europe. The preacher was more animated and earnest than common, and spoke without a manuscript. After this I walked with the boys to Camp hill, a distance of four miles and a half along a very pretty rural road. Here Mrs Adams and Mary overtook us in a carriage, and we all ascended to the top. The tradition is that here was once a Roman camp. The fact is clear than an intrenchment was made at some time or other, to protect a considerable force. The lives are clearly visible around the entire crown of the hill. Further than that I cannot say. The position is a good one to command the gorge, where there is no artillery. But now it would not be tenable a moment. The view from the top is pretty. I walked home along on the west side of the Mountain until I crossed through an opening made across the hills, here called the Wyck. The west side looks towards Herefordshire and the Mountain of Wales. The view is pretty and the whole walk of nine miles was very pleasant. In the evening I read a chapter or two from Lord Stanhope’s third volume of the life of Pitt.

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