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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 10th

10 September 1862

Friday 12th

12 September 1862
11 September 1862
Thursday 11th

Ever since the sudden attack at Lynton I have not been without a little tendency of the same kind which I suppose is aggravated by the agitation of the times. This morning was spent in writing to my children at home. I had one or two visits of compliment, and took a long walk. My mind running about without cessation upon the course of events at home. I had hoped that a later telegram might be brought by the Glasgow, but it has not tracked any where. In the evening I finished Lord Stanhope’s life of Pitt. It is a readable but rather flimsy performance, which only shows that nineteen or twenty years of Official life developed no singly political result. Pitt as a martyr to the difficulties of his age.196

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