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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 11th

11 September 1862

Saturday 13th

13 September 1862
12 September 1862
Friday 12th
Norman Court

Morning in spent in writing the remainder of my letters. Having begun so early in the week I had completed all in good season, for our departure on a visit which we have consented to pay Mr Thomas Baring at Norman Cort, his country seat in Hampshire. We left London at three o’clock by the Southwestern Railway, passing through Basingstoke and Bishopstoke to Dean, where Mr Baring’s carriages transported us to his house by seven o’clock. The company whom we found here were besides Mrs Adams, Mary and myself, Mr and Mrs Thomson Hankey, Mr and Mrs Dodson, Messr Lear, Curry, Bosquet, and Campion, making twelve at table. We made acquaintance at dinner and in the evening, Mr Lear played on the pianoforte and sang some things of Tennyson to his own composition.

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