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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 18th

18 September 1862

Saturday 20th

20 September 1862
19 September 1862
Friday 19th

The weather is remarkably fine. I wish my spirits were in proportion, but the anxiety about our affairs at home is unceasing. I wrote my private letters today, but with less of confidence than I have ever had. O! that we had a man who combined the military genius equal to the occasion with the spirit of a patriot. He might yet restore us. I fear that McClellan is not the desideratum, and as yet we have no other to lean upon. I had a visit from Mr Harris, the Minister to Japan, and one from Mr Ward, the late consul at Bristol. Mr Morse also called and gave me some curious information touching the plans of the rebels. After dinner I went over by invitation to Mrs Hankey’s, to meet Lord Lyons and a few other person who had dined there.202

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