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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 19th

19 September 1862

Sunday 21st

21 September 1862
20 September 1862
Saturday 20th



After completing all arrears of work I drove out in the carriage with my daughter Mary, first to return the visit of Mr Harris, and then to take her to the Exhibition. As the day of closing approaches I think it as well to give a more careful examination of the works of art. I noticed today the Reading girl, a Station with a great deal of character. But in general the Statuary affects me little. It is all legs and arms of ordinary structure, and no particular expression. I examined the picture gallery with more interest, but without materially changing my first impressions. The most striking part of the English Department is the early schools. Hoqueth, rather for the illustration of his age than for this professional skill, but especially Sir Joshua Reynolds, Gainsborough, Morland and Wilson. One or two good pictures of Romney. Out of them all Gainsborough as particularly English is my preference. The later artists have much merit, but it is not so saliently national. Landseer is the best of the present. I cannot admire the preraphaelite, as a school though some of them possess strength and technical talent. Hunt’s Light of the World is the best of that kind. I found the two pictures of Mr Lear, but neither was equal to the sketch he showed us of the same subject. The French rather fell back on my second view. Of the German I found a great part had been entirely overlooked. Nothing particularly pleased me. I must see them again. At six we were all notified to quit, as usual, and I walked home. Quiet evening. Read M. Guizot’s account of his mission, to this court. Much of it very amusing.

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