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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 27th

27 September 1862

Monday 29th

29 September 1862
28 September 1862
Sunday 28th



We received news to the 18th this morning, but it gives us no further official information. I am afraid that this must be construed as leaving things in some doubt. There are accounts from newspaper correspondents of an encouraging character, but we have so often been deluded by partial statements that on the whole we must have our state of suspense a while longer.207 I attended Divine service at the Chruch of St Mary le Bow in Cheapside. This is another of Sir Christopher Wren’s erections. They all have much the same architectural character. I like it much better than the formal chill of the Gothic. These are places meant for Christian worship, where a person can be seen and heard, whilst performing the service without a necessity of select audience within the choir. This seems a small interior however. But it meets all the wants of the neighborhood now abandoned for the most part to trade. The worshippers were not numerous. The sermon was upon purity as the consequence of steady faith and immediate repentance. I walked both ways, and it seemed to me the streets were much less lively than usual, which is saying a good deal. In the afternoon I walked with Mr Hook to the Zoological gardens. We were hurried home by the rain which set in quite violently. He dined with us. My son Brooks and young Durant were here for the Sunday.

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