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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 28th

28 September 1862

Tuesday 30th

30 September 1862
29 September 1862
Monday 29th



rain more or less heavy all day. I spent a large part of it in reading the newspapers from America which never enliven me. My Despatches were numerous but not giving much information. As it is we are still left in suspense about the issue in Maryland. I hope more than I dare express. For a fortnight my mind has been running so strongly on all this night and day that it seems almost to threaten my life. For I am still a little conscious of the giddiness I first experienced at Lynton. My anxiety for my children is an additional distress. For his Wife writes that John has been sent to Newbern, whilst Charles is on picket service on the Potomac. Nothing new today. In the evening Hull and his sister Elizabeth C. Adams arrived. They propose to return to America on the 11.th

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