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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 6th

6 October 1862

Wednesday 8th

8 October 1862
7 October 1862
Tuesday 7th

Cloudy and quiet day. Visits from a Mr Davis, who came to ask me if there was any probability of the success of an application to the government for the colonization of three thousand families of blacks in Jamaica on his Estates. I told him that I had no power to answer the question. It would first require to be submitted to the American government which would scarcely more without the knowledge of that of Great Britain. The thing itself seemed more practicable than any other of the kind, from the fact of vicenage and community of language and habits. If he would commit his application to writing I should be happy to forward it. Mr Morse likewise called and talked of hte missing letter211 to Washington, which is certainly remarkable. He also game me copies of some remarkable papers opening up all the projects of the present campaign on the other side. If the government is enabled to profit by these in season, the consequence will be very material. It is the very pinch of the struggle. Thus for the scheme has been completely foiled. But is not yet so far desperate as to leave me without anxiety about the issue. Failure on their side must inflict on them a permanent disadvantage through the war. The evening was quiet at home. Having finished the memoir of Mr Rose, I am now engaged on the papers of Lord Auchland.

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