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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 7th

7 October 1862

Thursday 9th

9 October 1862
8 October 1862
Wednesday 8th

The course of life is now becoming so uniform as materially to abridge the record. I have scarcely any thing to notice excepting the appearance of a report in the newspapers of a speech of Mr Gladstone which if correctly given threatens once more to change the face of our affairs here. If he be any exponent at all of the views of the cabinet then is my term likely to be very short. For the animus as it respects Mr Davis and the recognition of the rebel cause is very apparent. I do not know on the whole but what this is as well. I have been here as long as I can be of any use. I took a walk early in the day, then went round the Park with my daughter, and in the evening paid a visit to Mr Morse to return him his papers. He showed me others, which go far to show the activity and energy of these rebel emissaries here. The extent of their resources too is surprising. O, what a quarrel has grown out of the wicked passions of a slandering oligarchy!

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