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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 8th

8 October 1862

Friday 10th

10 October 1862
9 October 1862
Thursday 9th

Our guests left us today, in company with Mr and Mrs Bartlett and Mr Harrod. We are sorry to part with them. But this is the peculiarity of our position which seems fixed whilst all our countrymen are moving. There are today more strong indications of the set of the current here on American affairs. I wrote my Despatches home today in that spirit. Unless things should materially change at home I do not expect to stay beyond Christmas at farthest. To me I feel that it will be a212 deliverance, but I am not clear in regard to what may come afterwards. The mediation of these things sensibly depressed my spirits. We are now passing through the very crisis of our fate. I have had thoughts of seeking a conference with Lord Russell to ask an explanation of Mr Gladstone’s position, but on reflection I think I shall let a few days at least pass and then perhaps sound matters incidentally. Evening quiet at home.

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