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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 9th

9 October 1862

Saturday 11th

11 October 1862
10 October 1862
Friday 10th



The day passed in the customary labor of preparation for the mail of the afternoon. I wrote to my sons as usual, as well as one or two other notes But I finished early in order to save time for a visit with my Wife and Mary to Caldecott Lodge for a more minute inspection. I found it better than I thought, and more fully supplied with furniture— As Mrs Adams seemed also to be suited, we returned early, and I went down to make an offer for it. But I felt in great dubitation about fixing any length of term; on account of this new manifestation made by Mr Gladstone. I scarcely yet know what to make of it. We had Mrs Greenwood and Mr and Mrs George Havre to dinner. They return to America next week. He was full of earnestness to have me go home and go into some high trust there. could I see my way to any useful public service I should cheerfully leave this repulsive atmosphere. But as yet I see no real opening. It may come at some future moment. I have no wish to anticipate. Indeed my own anxiety for a return would be greater if I could be sure of an immediate restoration to private life. Quincy is my paradise on earth.

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