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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 14th

14 October 1862

Thursday 16th

16 October 1862
15 October 1862
Wednesday 15th



In a heavy rain I took leave of my hosts with regret. No persons in England have inspired me with more respect and regard. Mr Forster is an unpolished man, in a great degree self-made, but he is able and liberal. His Wife, a daughter of Dr Arnold of Rugby seems to have all the best characteristics of the English woman of the best type. My trip to London was without incident. I was in a carriage with two men, but exchanged216 not a word with either. I found my Wife in the carriage at the station, waiting for me, and we drove directly home. Here was a myriad of papers accumulated in my absence, which brought me back to all my cares. But at any rate there was one consolation in the reflection that this time there was no drawback to my enjoyment of the trip, and no unfavorable intelligence on my return.

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