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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 15th

15 October 1862

Friday 17th

17 October 1862
16 October 1862
Thursday 16th



My time absorbed in the preparation of my Despatches. There was not many important ones, but enough to keep me employed. The excited about Mr Gladstone’s speech has abated, since the appearance of a semi Official Despatch in the Globe disarming it, and a later speech of Sir George Cornewall Lewis declaring an adhesion to the existing policy. I think he overshot the mark. But Lord Lyons has not gone, and a Cabinet meeting is called for the 23d. The inference is that the policy for the next assembly of Parliament will be determined on. I am quite clear in the opinion that unless the military situation changes materially for the better by that time, my continuance here will cease. I so write to the government today. I ought to add however that the appearances in America do betoken a change—and unless tour military leaders again fail us, we may find ourselves much nearer the termination of the war than we suspect.

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