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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 23d.

23 October 1862

Saturday 25th

25 October 1862
24 October 1862
Friday 24th

Much engaged writing my letters. I drew a despatch giving pretty much the same report of my yesterday’s conversation that appears on the preceding page. Also wrote to John and to Charles. Mr Forster called in to see me too, who made some enquiries about our situation. I told him of the result of my conference. Things remain in statu quo. We go on a little longer, but without confidence. The Achilles to settle the question on the other side seems to remain sullen in his tent. My spiritis are again sinking at the prospect of another year of this uncertainty. Towards evening I walked round the park, and after dinner read a portion of a little book brought over by Mr Field from America, called “Among the pines.” A picture of life in the slave states just previous to the breaking out of the war.

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