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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 24th

24 October 1862

Sunday 26th

26 October 1862
25 October 1862
Saturday 25th



Chilly and cloudy. After disposing of my arrears of business I decided to walk down to the Exhibition, for the last time, as it closes on the first of next month. My object was to examine such parts of it as I had not before visited. I soon found there was far more than I could accomplish in one day. What I did see was the Departments of Australia, of Spain, of the Zollverein, and of England in the Annexe. There was besides the warlike implement. But I have great aversion to all these things, and the more on account f what is going on in America. The greatest object of attraction to the crowd seemed to be the exhibition in the spanish quarter of the working of an artificial hand. It was cold and a little cheerless so that I was glad to get home again. In the evening I finished Mr Kirk’s book, “Among the pines.” It is rather effective, and might do good here.

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