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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 25th

25 October 1862

Monday 27th

27 October 1862
26 October 1862
Sunday 26th

Heavy rain in the morning, but cleared at night. I continue to remark this peculiarity to which Professor Airy first directed my attention. Attended Divine service at the Chapel in Portland Street. A person officiated whom I did not know. He preached upon the tendency and effects of dissent in religion, good rather than evil. This is the only ground to take against the famous deduction of Bossuet. I was not however much struck with his argument. He had several visits according to custom on this day. Mr H T Parker, Mr and Mrs Sturgis and Mr Mackintosh.223 In the evening there was news from America, but nothing decisive. General McClellan is reported to have moved a few miles. An action seems imminent. The Globe of last evening contained a semi official leader in a much more decided and friendly one about America than usual. I though I saw a little reflection of my conversation with his Lordship.

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