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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 26th

26 October 1862

Tuesday 28th

28 October 1862
27 October 1862
Monday 27th



Busy making up the arrears of my correspondence, which I did to such an extent that I did not leave a single unanswered note on my table. I had a succession of persons to visit me, all of them Americans passing through one way or the other. Mr Owens, a gentleman from Cincinnati taking his children to the continent to educate, Mr Keegan going with his sister to Germany, Mr Marsh doing the same, and two or three more, all in fact flying from the draught making it home. I went out with Mrs Adams to return visits to several gentlemen who called last week. Then a walk around a large portion of Hyde park. Mr Forster dined with me and remained until the coming of the American mailbag. It did not bring much news. Not even the result of the elections. General McClellan is moving at last but very slowly and continuously. The Despatches were not material.

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