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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 14th

14 December 1862

Tuesday 16th

16 December 1862
15 December 1862
Monday 15th



Having some leisure from business by the non-arrival of the usual Despatches. I spent some time in reading over again the Andria of Terrence. The more I review it the more it strikes me. Though it is now sometime since I have opened a latin author, I think I never before so completely mastered the sense and spirit of this piece. I had a visit from Mr Cropsey and Mr Stansfeld, a member of parliament who seemed anxious further to inform himself of our affairs, as he was about to make an address to his constituents. I did what I could, but what is that, when one must begin from so far back! Went out to my daughter’s riding school to see her practise leaping which she does very well. But I have a profound aversion to horses. Mrs Adams and I dined with Sir Roundell, Lady Laura Palmer. The Lord Chancellor and Miss Westbury, Dean and Mrs Milman, Count Stralicky. Mr and Mrs Whitbread, and Sir George Gray were all I knew. Quite a pleasant and sociable entertainment. We get home rather late.254

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