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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 15th

15 December 1862

Wednesday 17th

17 December 1862
16 December 1862
Tuesday 16th



I scarcely know what I did today. The telegrams came in quick series from America giving us in all nine days later intellgence, the most material of which was the President’s message. It is better than heretofore, but still partakes of his radical deficiencies. He has never raised himself to the level of his position or of the emergency. The military news is favorable so far as it goes. I had not much work, and felt lost without the bag which has been detained unusually by the crippled condition of the Persia. Long walk, part of it through Hyde park after dark. The fear of the garotte is subsidising, though people yet are unwilling to trust themselves in lonely places. Quiet evening. Had another visit from my American friend who is plainly quite needy, and yet has little to communicate. He left me saying he would visit the consul to which I readily acceded. I have no friends to give him, and some doubt whether the money if given would be well laid out.

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