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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 28.th

28 December 1862

Tuesday 30th

30 December 1862
29 December 1862
Monday 29th

Henry came in from Walton to say that his mother would remain over until tomorrow. He went back himself in the afternoon. I was much absorbed by the painful intelligence from America of the wild slaughter committed from mere military rashness. As yet the only victims personally known to me whose names I find, are young Arthur Dehon, the son of William, a son of the worthy clerk of the Court, Joseph Willard, and the revd Arthur B. Fuller. The proportionate loss of Officers is not so great as in many previous actions. But as yet the returns are very partial. I was engaged in revising the draft of my long Despatch the Lord Russell. I am very weary with this sort of pointless controversy even though I have the side of truth and justice. But it is not my nature as it was my father’s to exult in the exercise of his power in strife; to dilate under the heating force of controversy. I now see before me during the remainder of my stay little beyond this recreation. It rained hard and hailed, but my walk in the evening was by moonlight. I have constantly to observe the difference in the clearness between the night, and day. Lonely dinner; but in the evening a visit from Mr Morse, with whom I talked over our various topics of interest. He is sensible and judicious. Read more of My Novel. Philosophy of no particular school mixed up with some forcible pictures of life.

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